Thursday, January 28, 2010

How to make Eve more fun....

From an impatient type's point of view... ;)

You ever notice how slow missiles are to fire off? Well, *I* have, and it has NOTHING whatsoever to do with how much damage those slow moving buggers can do. After my wonderous Minuit got me interested in the fit of some ships I just learned how to fly, we were pouring over EFT (such an awesome EVE tool, you must get it if you haven't already done so!) I discovered, to my disgust, that the reason I was so frustrated at how long it was taking me to go from targeting one 'rat with my guns, missiles, turrets, whatever it is you diehards call it, was because it WAS TAKING 25 SECONDS TO CYCLE! Now that's just crazy talk *shaking head*, how is someone supposed to have fun pressing buttons and the like when you can only do it twice a minute! Well, as I was saying, between EFT and my Minuit, I discovered the Arbalest! They are expensive but well worth the ISK in MY opinion! Now it only takes me about 12 seconds to fire off one of those bad boys AND I can train that time down (believe me, he went shopping and picked me up some missile books - apparently less than 50K in Missile Launcher Operation skill points not so good :)

Next... anyone ever pilot an Exhumer? Well let me tell you they are slower than molasses. Next, anyone ever pilot an Orca? Oh my gosh, they make my Exhumer look fast, that molasses has obviosly been out in the winter cold when in the Orca! Well, I discovered the Microwarp Drive! They (the 10mn) will take your Orca from 0 to 80 in 10 seconds instead of the usual 15-20 ;) I can't wait to try the 100mn variety! I might even get my whale of a ship up to 100m per second! Same thing with the Exhumer, guess who's got Microwarp Drives on their list of things to buy the next time he goes shopping for me!

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